Justice League 6: Injustice League (The New 52)

Kód: 9781401258528
Značka: DC Comics
€17,99 –1 %
Justice League 6: Injustice League (The New 52)
€17,99 –1 % €17,90
Autor: Geoff Johns        
Séria: Justice League, The New 52

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Collects Justice League #30-39.

The is the number 1 New York Times bestselling series! When the Crime Syndicate nearly destroyed our world, Lex Luthor led the fight against them. Now, with public opinion of him at an all-time high, Superman's former nemesis has decided to continue fighting for good full time - as a member of the Justice League!

But does Lex really have only good intentions? And even if he has changed sides, can his team-mates work alongside a man who once persecuted them?

Superstar writer Geoff Johns (Superman) and a league of comics' greatest artists - including Doug Mahnke, Jason Fabok, Ivan Reis and Scott Kolins - present Justice League: Injustice League. It's an unforgettable tale of enemies, allies and the thin line in between..


  • Autor: Geoff Johns         
  • Kresba: Jason Fabok, Doug Mahnke         
  • Počet strán: 144
  • Prevedenie: Brožovaná väzba
  • Rozmer: 165 x 257 x 15 mm
  • Jazyk: anglický
  • Vydavateľ: DC Comics
  • Rok vydania: 2016
  • ISBN: 9781401258528

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Kategória: KOMIKSY
Superhrdina, Séria: Justice League
Prevedenie: Brožovaná väzba
Jazyk: po anglicky

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