I'm in Love with the Villainess: She's so Cheeky for a Commoner 1 (Light Novel)

Kód: 9781685796976
€17,99 –6 %
i m in love with the villainess she s so cheeky for a commoner 1 light novel 9781685796976
€17,99 –6 % €16,99

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A retelling of the hit yuri series I'm in Love with the Villainess that inspired an upcoming anime (original light novels and manga adaptation also from Seven Seas)--from the villainess' point of view!

Claire François has it all: beauty, brains, and the blood of nobility. As the daughter of a high-ranking noble, she takes her status and the according responsibilities with utmost seriousness—even as the king threatens to undermine his realm’s stability with his visions of “meritocracy.” Claire is nevertheless prepared to take this societal change in stride, until one of the new commoner students at her elite academy, Rae Taylor, turns her life upside down. Everything about Rae confounds Claire, from her behavior to her intellect to her bizarre fixation on Claire herself. Little does she realize just how much Rae will change her world, and how much she’ll change Rae in turn.

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Kategória: NOVINKY
Superhrdina, Séria: Rôzne
Autor: Inori
Kresba: Hanagata
Počet strán: 250
Prevedenie: Brožovaná väzba
Rozmer: cca 149 x 208 mm
Jazyk: po anglicky
Rok vydania: 2023
ISBN: 9781685796976

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