Attack on Titan: No Regrets 02

Kód: 9781612629438
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Attack on Titan: No Regrets 02
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O komikse (Manga):

The long-awaited origin story of Levi and Erwin, two of Attack on Titan’s most beloved characters!


Erwin’s political enemies have hired Levi and his crew to take back some incriminating documents. Their reward: the right to live a proud life above ground, in the royal capital. But deep in Titan territory, it’s going to be tough to break formation and steal from a squad leader, and Levi still insists on killing the man who humiliated him after the mission is complete. Of course, beyond the walls anything can happen, and a sudden change in Levi’s fortunes will force him to face the greatest regret in his life…


Dodatočné parametre

Kategória: MANGA
Superhrdina, Séria: Attack on Titan/Útok titánů
Autor: Hajime Isayama, Gan Sunaaku
Kresba: Hikaru Suruga
Počet strán: 208
Prevedenie: Brožovaná väzba
Rozmer: cca 127 x 190 x 18 mm
Jazyk: po anglicky
Rok vydania: 2014
ISBN: 9781612629438

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