Asumi-chan is Interested in Lesbian Brothels! 1

Kód: 9781638589471
€17,99 –6 %
asumi chan is interested in lesbian brothels 1 9781638589471
€17,99 –6 % €16,99
približne 4-6 týždňov.
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O komikse (Manga):

A Mature-rated, sweet and sexy yuri rom-com about self-discovery and the search for lost love!

Sweet but awkward college student Asumi never got over her childhood crush on her old friend Mai. Their first and only kiss couldn’t have gone worse. So when she learns that Mai may be working at a nearby brothel, she sets her sights on redemption! But there’s one catch: none of the women on the brothel’s website use full photos or real names. Thus begins a journey of self-discovery and sexual exploration as nervous Asumi sets out to find her one that got away.

Dodatočné parametre

Kategória: NOVINKY
Superhrdina, Séria: Rôzne
Autor: Kuro Itsuki
Počet strán: 164
Prevedenie: Brožovaná väzba
Jazyk: po anglicky
Rok vydania: 2023
ISBN: 9781638589471

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