Wolverine: Old Man Logan 3 - The Last Ronin

Kód: 9781302903145
Značka: Marvel

Autor: Jeff Lemire    
Séria: Old Man Logan, Wolverine

Collects Old Man Logan #9-13.

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Collects Old Man Logan #9-13.

Logan is an Old Man on a mission! Given a second chance, he's determined to put right what went wrong in the reality he knew: the night the villains joined forces and overcame the world's heroes, changing his life forever. Logan lost his friends, his purpose, and all that was left was the Wasteland. Now he's back in the past, and perhaps the Villain Uprising can be prevented. But his bid to defy destiny is about to land him in trouble - deep trouble. Logan wakes up at the bottom of a well, and every time he tries to scale its walls, a mysterious figure from his future appears and riddles him with arrows. Can Logan escape his prison -and spare the world from a fate worse than death?


  • Autor: Jeff Lemire   
  • Kresba: Andrea Sorrentino
  • Počet strán: 112
  • Prevedenie: Brožovaná väzba
  • Rozmer: cca 170 x 260 x 13 mm
  • Jazyk: anglický
  • Vydavateľ: Marvel Comics
  • Rok vydania: 2017 
  • ISBN: 9781302903145


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Kategória: KOMIKSY
Superhrdina, Séria: Wolverine
Prevedenie: Brožovaná väzba
Jazyk: po anglicky

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